Episode 17 - React Hooks with Tapas Adhikary

June 28, 2022 OpenReplay Season 1 Episode 17
Episode 17 - React Hooks with Tapas Adhikary
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In this episode I have a very interesting conversation with Tapas Adhikary about React Hooks. What they are, why you'd want to create custom ones and what are the best practices around doing that.

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What are hooks?
What are the most common hooks?
What are the rules of hooks?
Why would you create a custom hook?
What's the anatomy of a custom React hook?
How is state managed inside hooks?
Best practices for creating custom hooks
Where can people learn about hooks?
What is React Play?
What is the best advice he ever received?
What is the most exciting project he ever worked on?
One thing he regrets not knowing before starting to code