Episode 33 - Let's talk about Zustand with Daishi Kato

October 25, 2022 OpenReplay Season 1 Episode 33
Episode 33 - Let's talk about Zustand with Daishi Kato
Show Notes

Daishi is a developer from Japan and the main maintainer of the popular, tiny state management library for React: Zustand.
While he's still actively working on making Zustand as lightweight and complete as possbile, he's also working similar alternatives for the same space.

During this conversation we talk about some of the design decisions that make Zustand such a great alternative to other, more popular yet heavier options, such as Redux.
If you've never tried Zustand before, stick around and listen to what Daishi has to say about it!

Get to know Daishi:
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/dai_shi
- GitHub: https://github.com/dai-shi
- Discord: https://discord.gg/MrQdmzd
- His blog: https://blog.axlight.com
- Contact information: https://contact.axlight.com

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